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What You Should Do To Prepare Your Spanish Property Visit

Time to Pay AttentionOver the last week all I can say is that busy doesn’t even begin to describe it. Clients from all over the World coming to Malaga, Valencia and elsewhere looking for properties through the SPN, Move to Malaga and Valencia Property. However there have been a few surprises and some disappointments. Therefore I thought it pertinent to point out what you should be doing before your visit to search for your ideal Spanish Property. We wouldn’t want you to be disappointed by your Spanish Property Visit would we? We want you to have the best service possible and in order to do that there are some things you should be doing before you come and visit.

Initial Contact

On initial contact with the SPN don’t just ask for information about a single property. Also let us know what you are looking for ideally. There is a good reason for this. There is usually a time gap between your initial contact and when you visit to look for property. If you are interested in a particular property then the likelihood is that others are also interested so it may well be sold by the time you get here. If you have limited yourself to coming to see just that one property and not given us an idea of what you are looking for then it is unlikely that we can help you by offering a selection of others.

Time to Pay Attention

Time to Pay Attention

As an example, a client got in touch at the start of February asking about two properties and informing me that they would be visiting on the 8th-12th of April. I sent back details of the two properties and asked for information about their requirements etc… to be able to send more suggestions as they came up. I got no response… until yesterday. The mail said that they wanted to go and see the two properties today. Well, one sold last week and the other two weeks ago and, as I had no information or any sort of contact between the start of February and now, I had nothing prepared in case. Equally, I also had two other clients today who had been in constant contact since they initially enquired last month and had a great selection of properties for them to see with everything arranged. I am afraid therefore that the client who hadn’t contacted was out of luck and may well have had a pointless trip.

It’s not difficult to keep in contact these days, there is twitter @grahunt or @familyinspain, Facebook, phone, Skype, Youtube, Linkedin or any other number of methods. Oh yes, a simple email too can keep things organised.  Whatever you do make sure to sign up for the newsletter here which come irregularly

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Ongoing Contact

Keep pestering us on an ongoing basis. Ask us whether anything else has come up, keep us up to date with your plans and most importantly give us your contact details. Always send us (Maybe even using the contact form below) your email, phone number, your dates and where you will be staying (eg; Hotel, AirBnB, Property Rental) so we can arrange to meet you and take you around to what you are looking for. Even if your first visit is just factfinding let us help you by having a first meeting where we chat about lifestyle, requirements and what you really really want so we can help to direct you, not only to the property but also to the services you may need to help you save a lot of money.

Property Finding Service

Our most satisfied clients are always those that choose to use our property finding service rather than arranging their own visits with lots of different agents. Why? Because we take out the legwork, the disappointments and the sharp practice that some other agencies will subject you to. No bait and switch here (“Oh that one has just sold so I am going to take you to a load of inferior places at higher prices“), no lies about how far places are from the city, no only two bedrooms when you stipulated a minimum of four. You tell us what you wantWe listen and find it. And if you want our best service allow us to suffer the agents for you. Trust us to get you the best possible selection and don’t go with another agent just in case, believe me we will have talked to them if they are good. We have already filtered out the bad ones for you in each area so you don’t have to worry about it.

After Your Visit

If you have visited and not yet bought then keep contacting us on an ongoing basis so we keep you in mind. On the daily treadmill of clients, people who do not contact regularly can get lost and forgotten about and it may be that the ideal property for you comes up but we miss you because, as they say, “Out of sight out of mind”. Don’t let that happen. We are good but we are also very busy. We hate it when someone misses out on a property because it goes before they have a chance to even see it when we know it would be just about perfect for that client. In order to keep up to date make sure to sign up to the newsletter above and don’t forget to fill in the contact form.

We don’t say this out of a desire to have a large mailing list, it’s just we have so many potential clients that we don’t want to lose you down the cracks. We want to do the best for you so that buying your Spanish property is as stress and hassle free as possible.

Tell Us More

  • Just so we know who we are talking to...
  • Just send us your mail address and we will get back to you asap.
  • If you want us to phone you give us a number to get you on or a Skype name to make contact. Please use full international code number 🙂
  • What can we do for you? Where are you looking? What is your timeframe for visiting and all that type of stuff

Feels like Home Already

Feels like Home Already

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