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What Do People Do When They Come To Live In Spain?

So why did you come to Spain then?We are often asked by clients starting off on their journey to buying a property in Spain and coming to live here what our clients do for work when they get here. Of course every story is different but there are themes that are prevalent and the biggest one of course is that of connectivity and communication, ie, can their work be done from anywhere?

So today we thought we would present some of the people who have moved here in the past and what they do once they get here. There are certain themes of course as they explore the same questions in a project that I, Graham, put together a couple of years ago.

Firstly, we take a look at Mike Cliffe Jones, a webmaster and product promotor on Lanzarote. Mike tells us all about what brought him to Lanzarote and his life on the island since.

Next we have Barry Eaton in Valencia who runs a PR company for clubs in London. Since this interview was filmed Barry now runs Bespoke Valencia tours which you can check out at the link. He also talks about how he filled in the gaps in his life by starting up a cricket team and organising comedy nights in Valencia, the two things he missed from the UK.

You can also take a look at our very own Lisa and how she finished up in Mijas after a long time in Spain in different areas. This is often the case for many people who are settled in Spain as they move around trying to find the best fit for their required lifestyle. CCB Spain mentioned in this video has now developed into Move to Malaga.

Finally, take a look at Maya from Denia as she talks about running a Market Research firm, Saros, based in the UK while living in Spain. Since the interview was recorded the company has gone from strength to strength and Maya is now offered speaking opportunities throughout Europe as her firm is seen as a market leader in qualitative market research.

You can see all of the videos in this particular series #WABAS12 Project including an interview with my kids and wife about our particular experience of living in Spain.

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So why did you come to Spain then?

So why did you come to Spain then?

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So why did you come to Spain then?