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Graham HuntIf you are looking to move to Spain then you will realise that the road to finding your perfect home is full of potential pitfalls; agents that don’t respond to your enquiries, lawyers who have an uneasy relationship with the developer you wish to buy off and photos that overstate the beauty of a property compared with the reality when you have flown half way across the world to see it.

The Spanish Property Network aims to rid you of these worries by having a highly motivated and qualified team of professionals all over Spain bringing you the most mouthwatering deals for living in, renting out or investing in. We have fantastic deals all over the country sourced by our property professionals choosing from all of the properties on offer in the market. If a property is overpriced, badly built, shoddily finished or whatever we dismiss it.

We do your legwork for you.

For more information about our network, experience, knowledge and professionalism take a look at our About Us page as it develops over the next few weeks. You can put a face and a personality to the person you are talking to and that expert will be your guide in whichever area of Spain you are looking to relocate to or buy in. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know what you want in Spain.

This entry was written by me, Graham Hunt, one of the founders of the SPN, publisher of the Spanish Property Magazine for iPad and specialist in the Valencia region. You can find me everywhere on social media, see below.

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