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Welcome To The September Issue of The Spanish Property Magazine

Spanish Property Magazine Issue 23. September 2014The summer is over in Spain. What that means is just that August has become September and therefore lots of people have started back in work after the long hiatus. What it doesn’t mean is that the weather has changed, it is still steaming hot with long sunny days and sultry evenings. The lifestyle remains the same for the hundreds and thousands of people who have moved to Spain to make it their home and, crisis or no crisis, boom or no boom, the vast majority of them are very happy with their decision and continue to love living and working or relaxing under the Spanish sun.

What it means for us is that there is a new issue of the Spanish Property Magazine for iPad. This month we have a good sized issue with properties all over Spain from Malaga and Valencia as usual to Gandia, Asturias and even a large guest house in Burgos. We also look at the most expensive places to live in Spain, conveyancing in Spain and the enduring attraction of Spanish beaches as featured in the blog and we also take a look at Spanish Fast Food and where people choose to holiday in Spain if they already live here.

Listen to Lisa from the SPM talking about their holidays in Spain here

Remember the SPM is free to download on your iPad in Newsstand and the PDF version although not as fully filled out, no videos, is available in Issuu at our new account. Previous issues are available in Newsstand and many of them are free too. Remember some of the properties featured in those will still be available and the articles are more or less evergreen meaning they are as relevant today as when published.

We hope you love the Spanish Property Magazine. If you want to see it in its full glory on the iPad then go to this site and download the app. Otherwise enjoy it on Issuu.

Spanish Property Magazine Issue 23. September 2014

Spanish Property Magazine Issue 23. September 2014

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Spanish Property Magazine Issue 23. September 2014