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Valencia News About the Cabanyal and its Future

95000 Euros Valencia Beach Apartment

We are in a bit of a summer lull at the moment on the blog but that doesn’t mean we are resting, far from it, we are still working with clients around the country to help find them their ideal properties in Spain. In fact this has been the busiest summer in terms of client numbers in various areas since the businesses bagan at the end of the last century 🙂
Today though this is a special blog post about Valencia. After years and years of uncertainty and been left to its own devices the Cabanyal has finally got the future it so needs and deserves.

95000 Euros Valencia Beach Apartment

Typical Properties in the Cabanyal

What’s the background?

Well, at the last local elections the governing party, the PP, were thrown out after 24 years of sheer incompetence in Valencia. All of the parties that replaced them, because there is a coalition, and even the other opposition parties are now saying that the plan to expand Blasco Ibañez street straight through the middle of the Cabanyal is now dead in the water. In fact they are now proposing a total modernisation and promising speedy licences and grants to owners in the area to recoup the historic heritage of what was the fisherman’s neighbourhood of Valencia traditionally and where much of this quirky nature is retained.

From a property purchase and investment point of view this is very good news of course. It is now safe to buy in all areas of the Cabayal without worrying about future demolition or being affected by the situation in the area. In fact in some of the worst affected areas of the Cabanyal it could be argued that these are now the best places to buy as there will be a gentrification and bettering of the area in general, meaning prices will most likely rise and possibly go up more than any other areas in Valencia as the place gets better.

Expect us at Valencia Property, the Spanish Property Network and the Spanish Property Magazine to actually have a lot more properties in the area over the next few months and years. And also expect the prices on those properties to be rising so if you want to get in now, it’s a very special area, then get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you.

Meanwhile take a look at some of our Valencia beach properties here and contact us below to let us know what you need to know before coming over to visit us in Valencia. We will be glad to help you with just one proviso, if you are here between the 15th and 25th of August 2015 then it’s holiday time this year and we cannot guarantee being able to show properties on those dates.

By the way the videos in this post are from my Vine account. Take a look at more at the link. Not too many property related ones but fun all the same

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95000 Euros Valencia Beach Apartment