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Use A Spanish Property Finder To See The Properties You Want

Central Valencia in NovemberWhen it happens you know it. You just walk in to the place and you know at that moment that this one is for you. It’s really doesn’t matter if it’s not currently as you want, you know it because of the space, the light, the location and the feeling.

But, guess what, there is a problem. How do you get in to see these properties?

You may want to see five properties and they maybe with five different agents all with different ways of buying and working. And let’s face it, those agents will not want to just take you to just one property. They may want to take you to 10 properties before you see that one because really they want you to buy that one so they show you a load of rubbish first until you become desperate. They then tell you tall tales about the other agents you are going to see for the other properties and bang, suddenly they don’t seem so attractive. It’s a typical tactic that they use. Therefore you may have to waste five days to see all of the properties you want to see even when they are available and sometimes they won’t be.

So what’s the workaround?

You know where we are going with this don’t you? It’s much better and a much more effective use of your time to actually use a Spanish property finder who works with all of the local agents and all of the private sales and the unlisted properties too. It’s better to work with somebody who knows the area intimately, who will give you their opinion and it will be a true opinion on each of the properties you want to look at because they know what is around those properties in the area and how your lifestyle might be in that area were you to choose it. You are buying their experience and their knowledge of the local area as well as their opinions, which should be respected, about that place.

Effectively they work for you rather than working for the owner of the property, which is what the majority of the estate agents are doing remember. Not only that but possibly much more importantly they are also going to save you a bucket full of money usually and you only get one chance to buy your dream property in Spain really because it is an expensive mistake to make if you buy the wrong one (10% purchase tax for example and capital gains tax and retentions on sale too).

The job of the property finder is not only to do want the name suggests and find you a property, but also to make sure that the property is the most suitable one for you within your price range, within your requirements and also in a place where you will enjoy living or visiting.

Central Valencia in October

Central Valencia in October and Using Spanish Property Finders

Let us give you an example. We had a client looking for a villa in a quiet area with easy access to both the airport and the city in Valencia, there were lots of other details but that was the main criteria, quiet above all. Unfortunately they had already arranged to go out with six different agents before they got in touch with us. We told them that this wasn’t exactly a wise move and we also told them that we weren’t interested in seeing them under those conditions but good luck with the search (We choose our clients carefully).

Over a week they were taken to see well over 35 properties, they had actually lost count. They mailed us, desperate for help and advice. One property they had been taken to see three times by three agents at different prices and let’s just say the owners were not impressed. We asked them about the properties and they told us that there had probably been two out of the many that maybe suited their purposes but they still didn’t click (and it wasn’t that they hadn’t been clear about what they wanted, we got a copy of War and Peace with the details of what their ideal home would be).

So we listened and told them that according to what they wanted we only had one property that we thought ticked the boxes. Did they want to go and see it? We arranged a visit for the next day, the deposit was left a week later and completion happened last week.

Far be it from me to say but they could have saved themselves a week of pathetic property visits, a load of BS, many repeat visits and oodles of stress by just asking us to find them a place from the beginning rather than going through the hell they put themselves through. No pressure, no hassle and no overselling or viewing properties that do not suit.

Compare. In the last week we advised a client to go ahead with a purchase as the property seemed perfect for them. They had found it but they wanted us to check it out. It ticked all of their boxes so we told them just do it (Obviously after getting it checked out by a lawyer) We have no interest in jumping in and hijacking a deal for our benefit. This client did all of their homework but still wasn’t sure. We find it difficult to imagine that attitude elsewhere.

However, what we do get are clients abroad who send us links and ask us to go and take a look at it for them. So we do, we make videos for them, we give our honest opinion based on their requirements and we advise accordingly. Sometimes doing this it takes an inordinate amount of time to find the right place like this but with patience we will, and at that point the client is ready to buy.

If you want this service then simply fill in the form below and we will get back to you. Careful though! Our time is limited due to the sheer numbers of clients so the more information you can give us the better so we can get the right member of our team to advise you in the right area. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Central Valencia in November