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The UK, Germany or Spain?

The UK, Germany or Spain?CB Richard Ellis have reported that Spain is seen as the third best country for real estate investment in Europe. Firstly there is the United Kingdom and Secondly Germany with Spain up from 5% of investors being interested last year to 19% being interested this year. A large increase I think you will agree.

Even better news is that both Madrid and Barcelona are now ranked in the top ten cities to invest in too. Madrid is second surprisingly while places like Paris and Warsaw have dropped out of the list.

Interestingly 70% of property investors surveyed suggested that Western Europe was the most attractive place for real estate investment this year and 67% of them said they would be upping their investment levels this year. The largest increase in interest comes in the form of non traditional investments such as holiday homes which again is good news for Spain.

So the big question is… should Spain be below Germany and the UK? Well it depends on your level of investment maybe. To invest in UK or Germany real estate can require a lot more money down than investing in Spanish real estate and that may mean that first time and smaller investors are more comfortable coming into the Spanish market. It also depends on what you are investing in of course. If holiday home investment is important then the weather is important too of course. See any thread here?

Here at the SPN we know what we think of course and one of the intangible things not mentioned in reports like this is the lifestyle quotient that your investment will get you. You get a lot of lifestyle for your investment in Spanish property whereas an investment in the Uk or Germany may well be a bit less attractive from the lifestyle point of view. After all would you like to get a good return on investment on an apartment in Valencia or Malaga near the beach or a two bedroom semi in Stoke?

The UK, Germany or Spain?

The UK, Germany or Spain?

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The UK, Germany or Spain?