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The Sting in the Tail When Searching For A Spanish Property

Having to wait a little longer for the paellaWe have all done it since the internet became pervasive in our lives. We have all travelled into the wormhole of time investigating something important and then we have reappeared at some stage well after midnight bleary eyed and worried about the fact we have to be up getting the kids ready for school in four hours and we ask ourselves “where did that seven hours of my life go?” (Or is that just me) And what did we discover about the subject we were investigating? Hold on… we were on the net for what reason? We tend to forget of course but let’s not go there at the moment and, no, I don’t know how I got to a video of a Belgian cat playing an oboe or two hamsters running around a plate… I am sure I was doing something.

The truth is that without some guidance it is difficult to find what you want on the internet because there is just so much there, so much fluff and also, well hidden away, so much good stuff. However it is a lonely job finding it.

Today therefore here is a story about a client that avoided all that work, all that getting lost in the labyrinth that is the Spanish Property Market online and it involved using our services of course.

We have already written about the best online portals for finding out about properties in Spain and Lisa has written on her blog here about the best general information websites for many areas of Spain for unbiased information about places, especially useful for holiday planning. However, the post today is just about what we did for one client, unfortunately there is a sting in the tail. Read on.

A client had been in touch with us for around a year, asking questions, resolving doubts with us, preparing the ground for their money transfer, finding out about the best banks and asking us to investigate properties and areas for them so that when they arrived they could make the most of their visit to find the perfect house. We had eliminated over a dozen places for various reasons ranging from area to size, to amount of work needed to cost (The client is on a very limited budget) and finally we had a shortlist of properties for him to visit when he arrived last week.

He had done his research well but many times he had disappeared down the wormhole, sending us properties to look at that were totally unsuitable or we had already eliminated because we knew his exact requirements and many times we had got him back on track and concentrating on his exact requirement (Send us yours in the form at the base of this post by the way).

So the visit comes and we are down to five properties that are hot targets for him. Two visits to each, many hours of looking at each property accompanied by a builder and architect as they needed work and eventually the ideal property was chosen, a property that both the client and us had identified as a prime target for getting exactly what he wanted within the price range and with great possibilities for future improvement. An offer was made to the agent with the plan to sign a deposit on Wednesday this week after the lawyer had done the conveyancing part of the property and then we would have completion scheduled for next week.

Oh the best laid plans of mice and men… but we will get to that later.

Let’s just look at what he did right.

  • Identified his requirements and communicated them to us
  • Stuck to the task at hand
  • Asked all the questions necessary so he was pre informed of the process and ready to work hard to get the right place in the short time period he was here
  • Chose quickly and made an offer

Well done but I said there was a sting in the tail right?

What if the property was already sold but the owner hadn’t bothered to tell anyone?

Well, that is what happened. Owners usually have various agents promoting their properties at times and the communication between the owner and the agents is usually not great. When an owner takes a deposit they often don’t inform the other agents just in case the sale doesn’t go through and sometimes even after sale they don’t tell the agent. In this case the agent held the keys and was showing the property without any idea that a deposit had been taken.

It looks like we will now have to wait until the client’s next visit to find him the perfect property unless for some reason the sale falls through. Fingers crossed right 😉

Tell us what you are looking for and we will try to find it without the sting in the tail.

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Having to wait a little longer for the paella

Having to wait a little longer for the paella

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Having to wait a little longer for the paella