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The Spanish Property Network Podcasts On Soundcloud

Spanish Property Network Podcasts on SoundcloudSometimes you may not have time to read a long form post about Spanish Property and you would prefer to listen to it on the go while jogging, walking or in some extreme cases even swimming. Therefore we have started to produce some informational posts about Spanish Property on our Soundcloud account. You can listen to some of  them below here or you can head on over to our soundcloud page and subscribe to listen to them as they are released.

Thanks to the new app on my phone, Auphonic, the sound quality is excellent and you get to listen to my dulcet semi-scouse tones explaining some of the issues involved in buying Spanish property clearly, precisely and with no hidden agenda.

Take a listen.

The first one is about Illegalities when buying Spanish Property. Take a listen here

Next we talk about where the Spanish Property market is heading in 2014

and finally for today how to avoid nasty tax surprises when buying Spanish property.

Remember you can also find us on Facebook at the Spanish Property Magazine Facebook page. Get over there and like us 🙂 and you can follow myself and Lisa on Twitter. I am on @grahunt and Lisa is at @familyinspain. Keep in touch with what is happening in Spain in the property market and there is also a load of extra information out there too.

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Spanish Property Network Podcasts on Soundcloud