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The 10 Strangest Things We Have Found In Spanish Property For Sale

Do Something your future self will thank you forAs property finders and agents we get to visit a lot of properties. Usually we vet the property of course and make suggestions as to how the seller can make them more attractive to the buyer. However sometimes you just find things that either you haven’t noticed previously or that were definitely not there the last time you looked. So in honour of the many here are the top ten strangest things we have found in a Spanish property for sale over the years.

1) A double shower in a single bedroom ensuite room. There was only one bedroom in the apartment but it had an ensuite bathroom with a double shower taking up a ridiculous amount of room. It was also the only bathroom in the house so anybody visiting saw the double shower in the largest room in the flat.

Double Shower (Not the one in question. This is much too small)

Double Shower (Not the one in question. This is much too small)

2) A naked boyfriend lying on a bed. The owner showed us in and allowed us to look around her New York style loft with exposed brickwork that was excellently decorated. All impressive until we opened the door to the main and only bedroom to find a naked boyfriend who despite being asleep judging by appearances was also rather aroused. We quickly shut the door and made our excuses. No sale there.

3) A whole set of vibrators in various colours and sizes lined up by the side of a bed. Are you beginning to see a theme here? They had definitely not been there the week before on the previous visit.

4) A double bed in the shape of a Ferrari. When you see a kid’s bed in the shape of a car then you understand. However when it is a double adult’s bed then you start to think somebody is overcompensating. (And as I cannot find a double online, just kid’s beds in this shape I have to assume he had it especially made! Nt that I am looking for one myself you understand)

5) A mirror room. See above about overcompensation, but in this room there was only one surface not full of mirrors and that was the floor. Yes it made the room look bigger but it also looked really crowded.

6) A hidden room for pleasuring oneself with the most awful looking sticky vibrating armchair in the world. We didn’t touch it, and we wondered how it had got into there too as it was much too big for the hidden door. However, notably, this is the only potential sale where these things happened that actually went through without a hitch.

7) Around 4000 birds and a pot bellied pig. I have allergies to furry and feathery things so in this case when I was recovering from a broken collar bone I walked into the house and started sneezing uncontrollably. Therefore my driver/secretary went in to photograph the property where the owner raised birds for competitions and I retired to take pictures of the garden until my leg was snuffled by a huge pot bellied pig that had sneaked up behind me. I jumped rather a long way as I had recently seen the Aussie film Razorback. (Google it)

Pot Bellied Pig

Pot Bellied Pig

8) Twenty huge boxes full of Betamax videos of soft porn including a Samantha Fox film! well, we had to look through all of that Betamax to see what was there of course. I wasn’t even aware Samantha Fox had made a soft porn film and as nobody I knew had Betamax still we were never to find out 🙂

9) A disco room with disco lights all through the rest of the apartment. This actually happened a couple of weeks ago and try as we might we couldn’t get them to come on despite trying all of the ridiculous number of switches in the apartment. The property sold to the second visitor. Unfortunately it wasn’t my client

10) Half a floor. Possibly better described as half a floor missing. When you walk into a property it’s better if the owner tells you about potential dangers like raging Rottweilers or bathrooms where you could contract the plague however it is probably even more remiss of them to not tell you that in one of the bedrooms there was a part, and a quite considerable part at that, of the floor missing. Especially when the lights are not on and the blinds are down. I missed it by about a foot and then said hello to the downstairs neighbours 🙂

If you want to be the next person to find something mildly disturbing on one of our property visits contact us below and let us know when you will be visiting.

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Do Something your future self will thank you for

Do Something your future self will thank you for

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Do Something your future self will thank you for