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Reasons To Be Cheerful About Spain

The Kids Are Alright in SpainWe may not all get to choose where we live in life, some people for whatever reason are trapped into where they were born. Whether that is because of family reasons, economic reasons fear, ties or whatever some people are not able to choose where they live and effectively choose themselves, they choose their own cage. Their own cage may well be a very nice but everyone dreams of an even slightly nicer cage at times.

Spain is quite a nice cage in my opinion (Actually a very nice cage). Having lived here for half of my life, over 24 years, my opinion is fully formed by now but sometimes the things that are happening in politics, the economy and in society can get people down, even I am affected by it at times. So just to give a counterpoint I thought it was time to look at reasons to be cheerful about Spain. If you are thinking of coming to live here this is the current situation.

We give you 16 reasons to be optimistic about living in Spain in 2015

1) International Living Magazine has voted Spain as the best place in Europe to retire to for their American readers (You can see the article here). They are not only concentrating on cost either although Spain works out comparatively well with other European destinations:

For lovers of wide-open spaces, Spain’s vast, photogenic landscapes are a hiker’s heaven. Owing to its location at the meeting point of Eurasia and Africa, it also boasts some of the best bird-watching on the planet: Each season brings different feathered treasures, as they migrate from one continent to the other.

2) We may get rid of the current government and have some of their increasingly stupid and draconian laws repealed. Hope has finally returned to Spanish politics after the staid and corrupt two party system finally annoyed enough people to make a difference. Now there is a lot more participation and hopefully Podemos will continue to make enough of a difference to make politics a lot cleaner and progressive.

3) Property prices have generally hit the base (As explained in our last post here) This gives even more reasons for people to place their money into the Spanish property market as although prices may not rise for a time, people’s investment long term should be a good one if they buy at the right price. Contact us to do that.

4) The pound and dollar, or whatever your currency is, have appreciated massively against the euro meaning that not only is renting or buying a lot cheaper but day to day living is also cheaper if your money from abroad is buying you Euros. (If you are from Russia don’t read this as that is not the case with the rouble of course)

5) Diesel is now at one euro and three cents per litre locally to me and still going down. Much cheaper for day to day car costs as prices had risen to 1.41 Euros a couple of years ago. Great for convertibles too when allied to the excellent climate. See the video below for examples.

6) Spain continues to be a great place to bring up kids. Take a look at our blog post here about it. An excellent read about why expat kids bring hope for the future in Spain written by Dave Bull of All Abroad Magazine.

The Kids Are Alright in Spain

The Kids Are Alright in Spain

7) Coffee is around 1 euro per cup in some of the best greasy spoon cafes therefore no need to get ripped off by a poxy Starbucks. Why would you want to get ripped off by Starbucks, Costa, Nero etc… for what effectively costs them a few cents to produce when you can put your money into something a lot cheaper from a local bar or cafe that actually pays their taxes too.

Cafe Society

Cafe Society

8) Thousands of highly qualified unemployed people are bursting for a chance to work in any business you try to set up. Spain has 25% unemployment and it would be higher if so many young, highly qualified professionals hadn’t left the country in the last few years looking for an opportunity to better themselves, but guess what… they don’t want to go. They would love to stay in their home country and contribute here. If you are thinking of opening a business you could do a lot worse than coming to Spain to do it, you get a workforce ready to work and get to live a great and healthy lifestyle yourself.

9) Spain comes second in the quality of life index about work life balance. That is why opening a business here may be a good idea because when you are not working you have so many options.

10) Spain continues to have loads of holidays to enjoy and kids still get ten weeks off in the summer to enjoy themselves with the family. If you don’t know what to do in that time why not give Family Life In Spain a follow. Lisa has some great suggestions and will have even more soon as she starts working on the Family Friendly Project for Spain. Ask her about it on twitter.

11) The climate continues to be one of the best in the world according to WHO figures and you can see an article about that here.

Outside Cinema in the summer

Outside Cinema in the summer

12) It’s 21 degrees today where I am in Valencia and it’s the fifth of January. Last night we ate out and I literally mean out on a terrace in the centre of Valencia with friends.

13) Life’s what you make it and more people are starting to appreciate that and looking for alternatives. As stated in the introduction, more people are now making lifestyle decisions about where to live as we are less tied down to our birthplaces. Spain comes very high in a lot of people’s considerations when looking to relocate because of the climate as mentioned above, the cost of living, the lifestyle, the healthcare and more.

14) More and more people are location independent with their work and Spain has the fibreoptic infrastructure to make that work. I live in a small town of 18,000 people for example and my fibreoptic speeds are faster than most major cities in the World and much more reliable having never been down in the four years since it was installed.

15) There are new banking options so that SabadellCam may disappear. SabadellCam has to be the most inept, useless, corrupt, inefficient and unreliable bank in the World. If not I would hate to see which bank is. However as more new banks open and foreign banks move into the disaster which was the Spanish banking sector hopefully the new players will prove themselves to be a hell of a lot more reliable and a lot, lot, lot less corrupt.

16) The constant soap opera that is Spanish football continues on its merry way. Messi or Ronaldo? Bale or Suarez? Neymar or James? Don’t forget Benzema… Oh and there are 18 other teams in La Liga too although you wouldn’t realise it if you read the papers, including the Champions Atletico Madrid of course! The prodigal son El Niño Torres returns. If you want drama, ridiculously bad refereeing decisions, awful dives, boardroom shenanigans and huge lashings of corruption then Spanish football is the place to be. To keep an eye on it on a weekly basis in a hilarious way follow @sidlowe, @bumpergraham, and @laligaloca on Twitter.

So what would you add in the reasons to be cheerful about Spain? Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to in 2015 in Spain?

Tell us more below if you are thinking of making 2015 the year you come to Spain.

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The Kids Are Alright in Spain