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Lots of people spend all of their free time on the computer or smartphone/tablet these days on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube (delete as appropriate) We are all over those platforms of course and I thought it would be a good time to introduce you (Or reintroduce you if you have been there before) to our Facebook Pages on these places as we grow our network. We now have the wonderful Diana helping us out on our Facebook pages of many of our projects so the pages are updated regularly as previously our hectic schedules sometimes meant that we were not as consistent as we might otherwise have been. She will also be helping out with answering some of your queries at times.

So let’s take a look should we. Our first Facebook page is the Spanish Property Magazine. Having just reached over 1000 likes we are looking to expand our reach so tell your friends and like the page (Make sure to sign up for notifications from the page too or you probably won’t see anything in Facebook’s infinite wisdom).

Spanish Property Magazine on Facebook. Click to Go To The Page and Like it

Spanish Property Magazine on Facebook. Click to Go To The Page and Like it

For Valencia we have the Valencia Property page which is more exclusively focussed on the Valencia area of course and will also include the Bespoke Valencia Property renovations we carry out. You can see the latest one of those here.

Valencia Property Facebook Page

Valencia Property Facebook Page

In Malaga Lisa runs the Move To Malaga page where you can find out more about the area and the process of moving there and the recently started Move to Granada page is now starting to be populated with information about the home of the Alhambra and more.

Move To Malaga Facebook Page

Move To Malaga Facebook Page

On Twitter you can contact us on @grahunt or @familyinspain and on Youtube the Valencia Property channel is here and populated with hundreds of videos including the 100 Tips series of things to think about when moving to Spain. It’s relevant for anyone thinking of moving to anywhere in Spain. Lisa’s videos from Malaga can be found here.

By the way if you are on Instagram and want to see us there just do a search and you will find us too. Graham is here on Instagram and Lisa is here

So there you have it, a quick overview so you don’t get lost and can follow us on your favourite social media platforms. And remember you can also contact us below on the contact form.

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