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No, No, No and No. What Agents and Owners Need To Stop Doing Now

Some Blue Sky Thinking Please

As property-finders we attempt to find the best properties at the best value across the whole range of the market in the local area that you are looking for. We do this sometimes despite the impediments that may stand in our way. Sometimes the local agents (Those with whom we don’t have agreements in place) and sometimes the owner will be the one creating the problem. We choose our collaborating agents very well and the people we work with are excellent at their job and treat our clients very well. Some agents and owners we don’t work with fall into the following categories. Which ones have you seen?

Some Blue Sky Thinking Please

Some Blue Sky Thinking Please

1) Stop lying about the price and what the owner will accept. This happens often when it is almost as if the agent have taken a price out of the sky and decided that it is gospel. Then inventing a price maybe 2000 Euros less that is the minimum that the owner will accept doesn’t wash either.

2) Stop lying about the declared price and not being clear as to why the owner wants 4500 Euros less declared than the real price. We are currently going through this on a property where the owners are selling for a certain price and the agent is saying they want to declare lower without giving us a reason. The reason, if it is true, is that they want to reduce their tax liability. The real reason, in this case, is that the agent wants to take the extra money for themselves.

3) Stop saying there are lots of interested parties to our clients. There aren’t. If there were you would have it sold or at least the deposit would have been left on it

4) One for owners. Stop kidding yourself that your property is worth a hell of a lot more than it is then complain to the agent about a lack of visits. If you are not getting visits in the current market (We have made more sales in January than any previous year) then there is only one reason, price!

5) Stop taking on properties where the owner is asking much too much. If number four is the case then why should an agent take it on. They are wasting their time and for you, the buyer, they will be wasting your time.

6) Stop presenting properties that are pigsties. Get the owner to clean up, get an agreement to clean it up yourself, as an agent, and present it for sale or home stage the property to give you much more chance of selling it.

7) Stop claiming that pigsties are absolutely lovely and ready to move into. They are not and you cannot just bring your toothbrush and move in. It will take at least a couple of skips to get rid of the accumulated detritus of years of habitation.

8) Don’t tell the agent that this is the price then when you get an offer tell them that you wouldn’t pay them anything if you have already agreed by contract. If you sign a contract to pay your selling agent a certain commission then a client makes an offer (Sometimes at asking price) don’t lose your buyer by telling your agent that you will sell but you won’t pay them anything. Firstly the contract is in place and secondly you just come across as a douchebag.

9) Stop phoning the agent every week to ask them what is happening in the market. Nothing for your property because you have it overpriced possibly like in number 4. If there is interest believe me the agent will tell you as they only earn money when they sign on the dotted line.

10) Stop trying to fleece your client for the most money possible. Your reputation goes before you and you will get found out by doing it. If you are scamming people and adding in extra costs which you keep for yourself then eventually you will be found out and your reputation will suffer. In the age of social media expect that reputation to be known about everywhere very, very quickly.

11) Stop writing descriptions that bear no relationship to the reality of the property. Also call a spade a spade and stop using euphemisms. If it is small, call it small, if it is a mess, call it a mess. When the client visits they will not then be surprised by the flowery language you tried to hide the reality with.

12) Stop insisting you know best when reality suggests you are wrong. If somebody knows more about a potential purchase than you, don’t try to bluff it. You may know a lot about a particular house but you may know very little about the history of the area, the reputation of the area etc…

13) Stop refusing to collaborate with agents or property finders that will bring you more business. Honestly, you are just cutting off your nose to spite your face. Some property finders (Like us, for example) have huge numbers of potential clients who could potentially be coming to see your house or apartment. As our clients employ us to scan and exhaust the market, they are not going to come and see your properties unless you agree for the other agent or property finder to bring them along and give their opinion.

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Some Blue Sky Thinking Please