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Location Independent Living in Spain

Life is Short. Live it WellOne of the main attractions of living in Spain is a quite enviable lifestyle. The sun shines generally, the people are affable and friendly, the food is fantastic and fresh and it is a relatively safe place to live compared with many other places in the World that may enjoy the other benefits but lack that certain something that makes your family happy, security. If you can live a Location Independent Lifestyle in Spain then you have the best of all Worlds.

One of the factors that is often overlooked is the fact that Spain is actually a great place to work, or rather more correctly, to work from. Many of the clients that we have at the Spanish Property Network, Move 2 Malaga and Valencia Property are people that work from home, can work from anywhere, use Spain as a base for their travels as they work in other parts of the World or simply decide to retire to sunnier climes. Let’s look at each of these categories in turn for those people managing to enjoy Location Independent Living in Spain.

Life is Short. Live it Well

Life is Short. Live it Well

Working from home

We have people who have online stores, we have writers for websites, web designers and SEO consultants, online forum moderators, social media managers and more. Most of these jobs can be done from home. It doesn’t mean that our clients are tied to their desk though. Many people work from whichever beachside cafe has the best wifi connection while supping excellent coffee and working their way not only through their working day but also the excellent tapas on offer.

Working From Anywhere

Many jobs don’t require a location they just require a connection. The internet allows many of our clients to have a better quality of life and a much lower cost of living, which we will look at later with some prime examples. One of our clients came over with the following requirement “I want a ruin at the end of a dead end track attached to a broadband internet connection. That is the only non negotiable thing. With the internet I can earn a living and the rest will follow

Having a Base

This is typical of those working in the oil industry and certain architects, business owners and more. Their need is good, reliable international communications in order to be able to get to their working destination while leaving their family in a much better place to live than those places they work in. Seriously what would you prefer for your family, freezing their little selves in Baku, worrying about their safety on the Niger delta, living in constant air conditioning in the Gulf while warplanes circle overhead to keep them “safe” or looking out at the greyness and granite of Aberdeen while their spouse flies out to a platform in the North Sea? Many oil workers have to work in the World’s most inhospitable zones that are frankly ugly and downright dangerous. Lots of them have chosen to base themselves and their family in Spain as they work a rota of one month on and one month off.


Retirees have traditionally come from Northern Europe looking for sunnier climes but now we are seeing an influx of North Americans seeing the same attraction but deciding against Florida because, well Spain isn’t Florida! It’s a tad more interesting from a historical point of view, it’s less humid, has a proper population rather than being a collection of rest homes, is a better base for travelling around the rest of what is an interesting continent in Europe and most importantly there is a lot less chance of getting eaten by an alligator, blowen away by a hurricane or sinking under rising sea levels near to Miami.

Location Independent Living in Spain

All of these categories have the possibility of Location Independence in Spain but one of the factors that most interests a lot of them is the price of their lifestyle.

Many people would love to live in New York, London, Dubai, Sydney or Hong Kong but in order to live there your income needs to be pretty huge or the nest egg needs to be massive. Others want to be in Ecuador, Costa Rica, The Phillipines or Thailand where the cost of living is much less but oftentimes people feel out on a limb, too far away from their families and original “home” or fear for basics like good healthcare and sanitation.

Spain is obviously a lot cheaper than the first group of places, even in Madrid and Barcelona, while offering the same advantages of first world facilities, communications and ease of living. It is more expensive than the second group of places but can be considered “affordable” and the truth is that you get a lot of bang for your lifestyle Dollar, Euro, Krona or Pound. Take a look for example at this article about moving to Andalucia for a great price.

Lcatin Independence in Spain. Join Us

Location Independence in Spain. Join Us

You Want Examples?

After spending three years chasing their tails in London trying to juggle everyday costs, housing costs, traffic, noise and congestion, one of our clients in Valencia bought a stunning penthouse apartment ten minutes from the city centre for a fraction of the cost of their small two bedroomed maisonette on the outskirts of London. Selling up in London has meant that they can concentrate on their first love of art rather than being on the hamster wheel of trying to basically scrape a living in the English capital while working all hours of the day. At the same time they have started up a side hustle of property development in the city. The children are now in a semi private school just five minutes from the penthouse at a cost of around 300 Euros per month per child and the family are shall we say, much more relaxed 😉

Another example?

After living in Egypt for a number of years things were getting a little bit hairy so the family decided it was time to get out. Their property was an absolute bargain at just 125k and for that they got a four bedroom house, two bathrooms, two kitchens (because one is in the outhouse which has another bedroom, living area and bathroom). The stress of day to day living in Cairo with constant breaking down of basic services such as electricity, a growing sense of unease on the streets and more militancy happening during and after the Arab Spring, means their lifestyle quotient has increased remarkably and the cost of living although higher is not actually that much when you consider that basics such as fruit and veg are much cheaper here in Spain and of course much more abundant.


We could go on about the teachers relocating to avoid the worst excesses of Ofsted in the UK, the doctors moving over to start a private consultation or take early retirement here after being asked to work ridiculous hours and every weekend in the UK, and many other cases of people stepping off the hamster wheel and realising that there is more to life than stress and chasing their tails. But we want you to be the next one to realise that and come and join us.

As usual the question is, WHEN will you be joining us not IF? Don’t come without a plan and don’t be living on a wing and a prayer but if you can be Location Independent then Spain can be a very good choice for you to live a much more relaxed life. Tell us more in the form below and don’t forget to sign up for our Five Bullet Friday emails which get sent out to our subscribers every week with the latest news from Spain and the latest great value properties from all over the country.

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Location Independence in Spain

Location Independence in Spain

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Life is Short. Live it Well