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Introducing the Spanish Property Network

The Spanish Property Magazine Issue 17It’s a New Year and it’s a new project. The Spanish Property Network is now up and running and building up to covering the whole of the country. As a result we have now made the Spanish Property Magazine for iPad/iPhone free for this issue and maybe for the future too. You can download it by clicking on the image below or simply clicking this link here.

So what is included in the latest magazine? We take a look at the Spanish Property Market in 2013, we introduce ourselves in the Spanish Property Network and we also look at the #WABAS12 video project including the first three videos by Paul Read with a personalised history of Spain through the prism of his town Loja and also the first interview videos that I made with people who have moved to Spain; what they do and how they decided to come here as well as the most important question, have they got any regrets? This time we talk with Michele Noon, a pianist and composer living in Valencia and Nick Snelling, a writer living in Gandia.

The Spanish Property Network

The Spanish Property Network

Meanwhile below take a look at the introductory video to this issue of the Spanish Property Magazine.

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The Spanish Property Magazine Issue 17