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How Not To Find The Perfect Buyer For Your Spanish Property

Opening Up SpaceAt the Spanish Property Network we have properties in many parts of Spain of course, and most come through our network of collaborating agents, but we also get our own properties from people who recognise that we are one of the best chances of them being able to sell their property because of the reach of both our network and contacts. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes sellers of properties and even agents can confound even the most obvious common sense. So today here is a guide of how not to find a buyer for your house if it is for sale. If you are a seller of Spanish Property then help us or even your local friendly estate agent by not doing the following please.

Isn't one photo enough?

Isn’t one photo enough?

1) Tell us that it is not to be put on a website because the owner doesn’t want people who are not seriously interested coming round to see it. This may seem counter intuitive but there is a reason for this which although patently stupid is understandable. In Spain as in many other countries people are curious. They want to see what their neighbours are doing and in the case of property sales, they want to know how much their neighbours have their houses on sale for.

However, not wanting your property advertised on the world wide web to international buyers because you don’t want Jose, your neighbour, to know how much you are selling for is the height of stupidity. Firstly, the web is a rather large place these days (in 2013 the number of active websites on the web went over half a billion, or one for every 14 people on the planet). I guess Jose is a genius at searching through that lot, probably in a language he doesn’t understand, to find your little apartment. Secondly, what does it really matter if Jose knows? You never know but he may have a friend or family member who would like to buy it. Unless you have voodoo dolls of Jose dotted liberally around your house or compromising photos of Jose and his family adorning your walls I am guessing that Jose doesn’t really care about your house as he already has his own.

2) Tell us that, yes, we can promote it but we cannot take pictures. Most searches for property these days start on the internet and the web is a predominantly visual medium. If your images are either not good or non existent then you will be cutting down the number of visits you will receive massively compared with properties that are well photographed, have a story behind them and are presented well. Again it’s common sense but it seems to escape many sellers.

3) Tell us you don’t like estate agents so you will not be using them. I don’t like McDonalds so I don’t use them. But then again McDonalds are never going to help me out and open my property to a new market. If they did, I possibly would. Currently just over 20% of all sales of Spanish Property are to foreigners. On the Costas and in certain areas such as Malaga and Valencia this rises to up to 40% and in some specific locations well over 50%. Getting the word out about your property by using agents and networks like ours gives you a much greater chance of reaching this demographic who otherwise would definitely not find your property online. Think of us and other agents as the medium to sell your property rather than the devil incarnate (And yes, I know some agents may well have a touch of Lucifer about them but we try to avoid them of course)

4) “I already have a sign on the property telling everyone it is for sale.” And are we to suppose that everyone in the World goes past your badly written ,half hidden board every day? The truth is that a board outside a property saying “Se Vende” and a number will attract a lot of callers if it is in a place where a lot of people see it. However it is also true to say that the vast majority of foreign buyers will never ring that number because they do not speak Spanish of course and the vast majority of calls will be from agents looking to get a listing. Even more true is that the perfect buyer for your property may not ever pass by where your property is for sale so you need to go out and find them.

5) “It’s already on the net through Juanita“. Juanita may be the biggest internet guru on the planet but she still won’t reach everyone who may be interested in buying your property. This is especially true if Juanita doesn’t speak a word of English (Not to mention Russian, Chinese or Urdu as examples)

6) “You can send it to people who will be interested but I don’t want it on your website for everyone to see“. Similar to number one but the chicken and egg scenario or maybe putting the cart before the horse. I may have a particularly interested party but all of those chickens and all of those eggs cannot be put in just one basket of course. There may be 100 people reading my website who might be interested but if I just send it out to John in Idaho (The previously mentioned egg in basket) because he has already said he will be visiting Spain sometime in 2016 once he has sold his farmstead I think I am seriously reducing your chances of selling your property to anyone else within the Spanish Property Network.

7) “I already have photos, I will send them to you“. The words that strike fear into many an agent’s heart. If you are not David Bailey then most estate agents really won’t accept this. After these immortal words you can virtually guarantee that we will receive five grainy pictures of an open toilet taken in the dark after it has just been used with someone accidentally photobombing in the background. We once received thirty pictures of a property and around 20 of them had a very curious dog sniffing around in them. Nice dog, but it wasn’t for sale.

Photos with no outside shots of the building, no full reports of each room, no video, no context, nothing that really tells us anything about the property really, well, they don’t wash. Remember the more visually appealing your property is the greater the chance of selling it.

Dark Clouds for property sellers?

Dark clouds for property sellers?

You get the idea of course that the way to sell a property is through getting the word out about it being for sale but that is because you are a sensible and sane person. What is it about most other property sellers that makes them unable to see the obvious nature of the above points? Why are they blinded to common sense just because they have a property for sale?

If you think that you would benefit from us being able to promote your property then get in touch below. We have many buyers in our database looking for properties all over Spain. Maybe we could marry up one of them to your property.

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A property photo not taken in the middle of the night of a toilet

A property photo not taken in the middle of the night of a toilet

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