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How A Mortgage In Your Home Country Can Get You a Spanish Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa will cost you at least 500,000 Euros of Spanish real estate, to have it granted automatically. That investment must be without any mortgage on the property. You must also maintain that non mortgaged investment to maintain the residency for at least five years. After that, it is currently not clear whether you have to maintain the investment to maintain the residency. This means you are tying up a chunk of change if you buy outright without any sort of finance

What if we told you that you could actually get finance to get the visa if you are asset rich but cash poor?

Some people are not cash rich but do hold assets in their home country that are worth much more than the 500,000 Euros needed. For people in this category, there is a good way to get the visa. With interest rates so low on mortgages at the moment you can mortgage a property in their own country to release cash which can then be transferred into Spain.

Why is this a good option?

Some people are asset rich but do not have the necessary cash to buy outright without some form of finance. Getting finance in Spain would mean you haven’t made the minimum investment in the property or properties in order to qualify automatically for the residency visa ie 500,000 Euros with no mortgage or finance of any type. By getting the finance elsewhere, ie in your own country, Spain cannot see that you have actually been financed to get the visa.

Equally, with historically low interest rates in many countries, it is a very good way of releasing value of property or investments to be able to get the residency visa. There is more than one way of thinking about the Spanish Golden Residency Visa and this, thinking outside of the box, may allow you to get it with cheap finance compared with any other methods of getting the money to make the purchase.

What does the visa give you?

Free movement in the Schengen agreement countries and residency in Spain without the need to actually live here or to be a tax resident.

If you want to know more about the possibilities for financing your property purchase here by releasing equity in your properties in other countries do not hesitate to get in touch. We may know someone who can help you do just that. And you can also look at our sister site for more information at the link below (Just click on the image)

Spanish Residency Company


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