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Valencia Area

ValenciaValencia is many things to many people; the traditional dress of the Fallas, the stunning modern architecture, the old mixing it with the new, paella, horchata, fireworks and a whole lot more. The hidden jewel of the Mediterranean is just that, well hidden away from the throngs of Stag Party goers cruising up and down the Ramblas in Barcelona, the Hemingway hunters in Madrid, (How many places did Hemingway actually sleep or get royally drunk in really?) and the drunken hordes of the Costas.

Valencia is more than just the sum of its parts though. It has life being a real working city rather than a coastal ghost town outside of the two months of summer. There are real industries and trade going on here meaning that the city attracts in people from all over Europe looking for the laid back lifestyle.

ValenciaPortValencia is a lesser known place though, a place to call home. This is a city where you should be looking up rather than down, the cityʼs facades speak of a living history where you can appreciate the care and attention still lavished on the city by all comers.

It also has that edge though, the real sign of a living city, a place where there are areas that are run down and others that should be pulled down, a place where people express themselves through art, sometimes and quite often with graffiti, music and dance making it a party city for those who know where to go. Valencia for three decades has been the party town for the Madrileños wanting something a bit more gritty.

Valencia is different for different people. You can find and make a home here in a city of a manageable size without the hustle and bustle of the larger Madrid and Barcelona while having the advantages of big city living in terms of culture, art and sports. A living city and a city to live with a laid back lifestyle and plenty of leisure time activities. Get to know Valencia and you may find your home in Spain.