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Foreign Buyers of Spanish Property In Figures and Graphs

Areas Foreign People Buy Properties in SpainAre we serious?

Some people think that we cannot be serious when we tell everyone how busy we are. They are surprised when we tell them to book early to make sure we can give you the best individualised service: whether with myself in Valencia; Lisa in Malaga; Simon in Barcelona; Nick in Gandia; David on the Costa Brava, or any of our other members of the Spanish Property Network.

However, it’s true. Look at the following data.

The first table is an informative one from Mark at Spanish Property Insight about the number of foreign buyers of property in Spain. Look at the trend. There is very little red, and that one is a big surprise, fewer Chinese in 2013 than in 2012! But look at the numbers and percentages of all other nationalities: 200% more Belgian buyers; 120% more Russian buyers; 150% more Swedish buyers and even 15% more British buyers allowing the Brits to maintain their lead on buying in Spain. Most tellingly, there was even an increase of 50% in the last year of people from other nationalities buying property in Spain.

More people buying, meaning there are more people visiting, meaning we are very busy!

The local market however continues to fall precipitously (As there is no finance available for local buyers and most require mortgages to buy)

Foreign Buyers of Spanish Property

Foreign Buyers of Spanish Property

We will leave you to digest that one. In three years, there has been an increase of almost 100% in the number of foreign buyers in the market. That is not only a good trend it is also hugely statistically significant. And, in the last two months ,the numbers of visits are increasing radically too.

But now look at this pie chart of where people are buying…

Areas Foreign People Buy Properties in Spain

Areas Foreign People Buy Properties in Spain

The question that this raises is also interesting. Do you see why the Spanish Property Network started its activities in Valencia and Malaga? Over 60% of all Spanish Property Sales to foreigners are concentrated in those two areas. Obviously, Valencia includes Castellón and Alicante and Andalucia is a huge chunk of Spain but we are trying to give you what you want as a foreign buyer in Spain.

Very soon we are expanding into Murcia and both the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, meaning that we will be covering virtually everywhere that people buy in large numbers. Murcia can wait a bit though! 😉

However, we are also looking to serve niche markets and those niche markets are not actually that niche at times. We have huge demand for Barcelona, especially from American clients (Many of those other nationalities are Americans and Canadians, buying in Barcelona itself).

We have excellent demand from the nordic countries for Northern Spain, including Asturias, so we have expanded there with new collaborations in the area. And finally, we have a lot of relocation clients looking to move into Madrid. This is less for purchase and more for rental but we are looking at the top end of the rental market in Madrid.

What do you think of these figures? Do you take them at face value or do you think there is more of a story behind them? Get in touch and tell us.

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Areas Foreign People Buy Properties in Spain