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Finding Your Ideal Spanish Property – Some Resources

Idealista PortalWhen looking for your Ideal Spanish Property, there are several options available to you:

  1. You can do all the spadework yourself.
  2. You can contact estate agents to find out more about their offerings.
  3.  You can use a property finder, like the SPN, to get you the best selection and whittle that selection down to what suits you best suits your requirements.

In this post, we take a look at Option 1: You do all the spadework yourself.

If you decide to take the first option here at the Spanish Property Network  we thought it would be nice to set you off on the search for your ideal Spanish Property by recommending the best places to look for properties that you can find online.

Enjoy but don’t get caught too far down the rabbit hole, there is so much to look at.

1) Idealista.

Idealista Portal

Idealista Portal

Idealista is the largest property portal in Spain and also has an English language version for searching for properties. It is largely populated by listings from estate agents (with a huge glut of bank owned properties clogging the site up a bit recently) but you can also find excellent deals from private sellers. Response times when requesting information vary from agent to agent and some private sellers are really slow but the great advantage if you speak Spanish is that phone numbers are given and you can immediately phone to find out more information. There is an Idealista app for tablets too and the search function is quite good within the app but better on the main site.

2) Fotocasa

Fotocasa Portal

Fotocasa Portal

Similar to Idealista, Fotocasa is more focussed on estate agents and there are fewer private sales advertised on their pages. As a result, private sales are more difficult to find. Fotocasa has an excellent feature, the comparative price calculator, which allows you to see the average price per square metre in the local area against the price for the property you are currently looking at. Again there is an app for tablets but it is a bit more buggy and not as user friendly as the Idealista app. The presentation of photos on the Fotocasa app is cleaner and smarter than on Idealista, in our opinion, but Idalista’s app is better. One drawback is that you cannot see the phone number of the private sellers until you contact by mail. (There is a workaround for this by the way if you are a tad tech savvy ;-))

3) MilAnuncios

Mil Anuncios Homepage

Mil Anuncios Homepage for Property

The ugly duckling in terms of looks, MilAnuncios is a basic listings page whose look and feel has not changed in around ten years. The listings are basic and lots of details are missing on properties listed but you can find some absolute gems of properties on here from people, mostly private sales, who haven’t got the first clue about marketing their house or apartment, oftentimes they do not even upload photos, and usually harbour a visceral hate for estate agents (When you phone their first question will almost invariably be, are you an agent?) Don’t be put off by the look, MilAnuncios is quite a good resource.

4) Loquo

Loquo HomePage For Property

Loquo HomePage For Property

Think Craigslist for Spain (Craigslist exists in Spain but it is hardly worth looking at) Loquo is very limited in scope, maximum of four photos in the listing usually, and many of the advertisers miss off things that seem obvious such as putting in contact details of any type. However again at the lower end of the marketing ability scale you can find interesting deals on Loquo that other sites may not have especially if searching in cities for off the radar properties. (Especially useful for Barcelona)

5) SegundaMano

SegundaMano Property Homepage

SegundaMano Property Homepage

Segunda Mano is a repository for scams and cons, especially in car and electronics sales. However, the property sales page is extremely good and is populated by a mix of estate agents, private sales and estate agents “pretending” to be private sales :-). Extremely good for content but with limited search functionality.  Segunda Mano also has an app which allows many filters to guide you towards the property type you may want. Whatever you do though keep away from the iPads and cars for sale. Ask us if you want to know more about why.

6) Kyero

Kyero Homepage

Kyero Homepage

Occupying a slightly different market, Kyero is aimed squarely at the international English speaking market and is a portal for estate agents wanting to target foreign buyers. Having learnt a lot from portals such as Right Move and Prime Location, Kyero keeps things simple. It has good listings pages and it is easy to contact agents who usually speak English. One caveat is that when you enquire about a property you may get various responses from different agents as they send out enquiries to agents for similar properties to that actually requested.

There are many other smaller portals and every bank has their own site where they try to sell their own portfolio of properties too but these are the major players in the market that we feel you should be looking at if going it alone.

Remember though, as Property Finders, we at the Spanish Property Network will use these places and a whole lot more (Including the best method of personal contacts and networking) to find you your ideal place. If you want to get somebody else to do the spadework then just let us know what you want in the form below and we will endeavour to find you your ideal Spanish property.

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