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Where to Find the Spanish Property Network

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The Spanish Property Network Is Everywhere You Need Us To Be

The Spanish Property Network does what it says on the tin. We have a network of people working for our clients all over Spain, getting them the best deals, the best service and the best properties. However, we are not locked into a single office location. Our global office is the Internet and our place of work is wherever we need to be at a particular time.

Whether meeting clients in city centre hotels, outside well known landmarks or in one of our partner offices, we provide the service and flexibility that you, our clients, require.

Equally in the virtual world we are everywhere we feel we need to be and that our clients want us to be. You can find us all over social media wherever your favourite platform is.

One of our most popular channels is YouTube.

  • You can find Graham’s YouTube channel here
  • and Lisa’s YouTube channel here.
  • The rest of our collaborators have their own presence too.

We are of course on Twitter:

Keep updated via Facebook with our Spanish Property Magazine page. Other pages we like, contribute to or write can be found at Best Schools Abroad, Valencia Property, Family Life in Spain, CCB Spain and Writers and Bloggers About Spain.

We also publish on various channels you may not be so aware of:

  • our podcast on Soundcloud here and you can subscribe in iTunes to hear more.
  • We publish the iPad magazine Spanish Property Magazine every month or two and deliver it automatically to your iPad for free and we also publish a version on Issuu.com too.
  • You can follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and a whole heap of other places such as Quora, Medium, LinkedIn and more.

Why do we do this?

Many traditional estate agents think we are crazy as they sit in their expensive offices waiting for the passing foot traffic that never seems to materialize like it used to. However, the fact that over 90% of property searches now start online suggests to us that we are present in the right place really.

Equally, an estate agent or property finder these days isn’t just about showing you a house and that’s it. You need background about the market, the local area, the culture, the legal framework and more. Without that, how is it possible to make a decision on a house to buy in isolation? We believe it to be impossible.

So who are you going to trust with your property search?

An agency where you walk in off the street and they immediately take you to what they want to sell you rather than taking into consideration what you are actually interested in? An online agency with a bunch of listings of properties and no background to any of them? Or maybe the Spanish Property Network with years of experience, the ability to listen to you, the client, adapt to your needs and the best network to find you the best property?

The choice is yours… 

Tell Us More

  • Just so we know who we are talking to...
  • Just send us your mail address and we will get back to you asap.
  • If you want us to phone you give us a number to get you on or a Skype name to make contact. Please use full international code number 🙂
  • What can we do for you? Where are you looking? What is your timeframe for visiting and all that type of stuff

Valencia's CAC

Valencia’s CAC

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