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The Final Spanish Property Magazine Of The Year

Spanish Property Magazine Issue 25It’s the final Spanish Property Magazine of the year and it’s the final Spanish Property Magazine in its current format and look. In the New Year it will be relaunched on more platforms in the pdf format while continuing to have a special iPad only version with videos and links.

So this month we roundup the latest articles from the SPM, we have a great selection of properties for sale from Malaga, Valencia, Gandia and Javea and we take a look back at the most popular posts from the year including the viral “10 things you are missing out on if you don’t live in Spain”.

Get your copy here on Issuu

Also, we are producing a special edition of the magazine as a Christmas gift for everybody this year, a compilation of all of the articles produced this year. It weighs in at a hefty 200 plus pages so we are sending it out by Dropbox link in return for telling us why you want it, see the page for it here, or for those of you who have an iPad you can download it directly but it will be quite a large file.

However you are viewing this article, our magazine and our social media presence and wherever you are looking at it from, we want to wish you a very happy festive period and New Year and hope to see you in Spain next year. Whatever we can do to help you don’t hesitate to ask us via mail here, on Twitter @grahunt and @familyinspain or just look at our YouTube channel, our Facebook page or download the magazine now. If you don’t have an ipad then it is available on Issuu here. If you do just go into Newsstand and download it. It has been free for a year now so you can also download past issues and take a look at the type of properties we promote and sell.

All the best and we look forward to hearing from you. Tell us more below if you are inspired to learn more now.

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Spanish Property Magazine Issue 25

Spanish Property Magazine Issue 25

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Spanish Property Magazine Issue 25