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When You Buy A Property In Spain To Modernise

Modernised Kitchen in SpainThere are various options when you buy a property in Spain:

  • You can buy a key ready place where you just walk in with your toothbrush and start living there.
  • You can buy a place where all you need to do is furnish and decorate.
  • You can go in and change the kitchen and bathroom (Which is what a lot of people do even in newish properties)
  • You can decide that you will go the whole hog and modernise the property from scratch.

One thing that most people from Northern Europe and North America do though is start imagining huge prices for modernising properties. This is totally wrong.

Prices for modernising properties in Spain are probably a lot lower than you think.

Remember the economic situation in Spain is not the best in the World and the economic boom was based on one thing, construction. Therefore a lot of the unemployed or underemployed in Spain were previously involved in construction. The prices for getting quality tradesmen in to do the work on a modernisation are really cheap. There are plenty of designers, architects and odd job people willing to lend a hand too.

Another one of the good points about the Spanish Property Network and our huge network of contacts around the country is that we can help you to organise any modernisation and building work. We can make recommendations for professionals from architects and eco friendly builders down to an odd job man to do some minor work for you in some areas.

Take a look at what one of our accredited builders did on some kitchen and house modernisations.




IMG_0711Also this was done as part of a full modernisation of a property. Compare before and after.


79000 Euros Valencia 2014_13206




AfterIf you are interested in making money on your property purchase and in having us help you contract the right professionals to redevelop your home then just let us know by mail.

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Modernised Kitchen in Spain