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Would You Like To Work With The Spanish Property Network?

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We would like to bring you clients to invest in your Spanish property business…

Who Are “We”?

The two projects of the Spanish Property Network and Spanish Residency are a collaboration between Graham Hunt of Valprop Ltd with 15 years of experience in the Spanish Property sector and Lisa Sadleir of Costa Consulting Bureau, (a branch of Family in Spain SL), another veteran of the Spanish Relocation sector. We have carefully selected a few professionals from around Spain who collaborate with us to offer a fully integrated relocation and property purchase service to foreign nationals wishing to relocate to Spain. We have clients. We now need more properties.

What Are We Looking For?

We are searching for independent, highly visible, expert collaborators in all areas of the Spanish mainland and the islands to work with our qualified client base and help them relocate to various areas of Spain.

We want highly motivated and qualified professionals who are able to offer an exceptionally high standard of service and care to our clients.

What Do You Mean By Highly Visible?

We are looking for people with expert credentials in their particular niche areas who know and use social media every day. You should be acknowledged as an authority in your area, easy to find and responsive to questions and client enquiries.

Do I Need A Property Portfolio?

Not necessarily but it does help. We work both directly with agents and also area coordinators, who organise agents in their local area, making sure that the client has the greatest selection of properties available at the best prices from the most competent agents. If you do have a portfolio then great, we like that and our clients can complement your business.

How Can I Get Our Properties To You?

We work with xml feeds from agents. The xml feed can be a Kyero type feed or xml2u. You can send us as many properties as you have on your books but we do ask that your properties are direct listings and not through third parties.
An xml feed allows us to keep your listings updated. If you have your own listings but no xml feed, contact us and we can help you to arrange this.

Do I Get Exclusivity?

Exclusivity will be available within reason. If you are an area coordinator we give you a specific geographical area to set up and organise.

As an agent, unless you have a particular proven niche area, we cannot guarantee that other nearby agents will not have the odd property in your area.

However the cream will rise and the best agents will get more exclusivity as long as the listings are good value for money for our client base.

Portfolios? What Do You Mean?

The new Golden Visa for Spanish residency allows non EU purchasers to buy various properties in order to fulfil the terms to get the residency.

Our clients often require one property for living and others for generating an income and to make up the 500,000 Euros investment amount required.

We like selling portfolios properties in this way and would expect you to help us put together portfolio options that our clients will like.


Our clients come from all over the world and we do our best to attract them in many ways. We have agreements with introducers in many countries. We write blogs and we have various social media profiles where we share our articles.

What we require from our coordinators and agent collaborators are a weekly or biweekly blog post talking about some aspect of their area whether it be a great value property or some attraction of the area you come from. This will be included into our marketing mix and may also be used in the Spanish Property Magazine for iPad to help attract even more clients.

The Spanish Property Magazine? (SPM)

Every month we will need a three page A4 PDF white label property to use in the SPM. If you have more than one excellent property then send us more. The SPM will become a free monthly iPad, (and soon Android), magazine in order to get the widest possible audience for your properties and area.

So there you have it, the SPN, the SR and the SPM a platform to bring you more clients at no cost and little work.

Do you have any further questions?

Do you match our criteria?

Do you want to get in before your competitors?

Contact us now to discuss the details and opportunities in your area:

Graham Hunt (Valencia) Spanishpropertymagazine@gmail.com Tel: 961 662 892
Lisa Sadleir (Malaga) lisa@spanishresidency.co Tel: 608 840 692

We look forward to working with you!