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REMEMBER: We will assist you during your inspection visits and our expert staff will ensure you receive honest and essential information on each property. Unlike estate agents, we work for you, not for the seller. If we think a property is unsuitable we will tell you and explain why.

We will contact the best agents in your search area to locate the most suitable properties for you. We will send recommended properties, based on your requirements. We will work together to prepare a  short list of properties before your visit .

This means you do not waste any time viewing properties that are unsuitable.

PLEASE NOTE: to avoid duplication, we strongly advise booking all your viewings via the Spanish Property Network. Thanks to our professional staff in each area, we can arrange viewings of any property you may find on the internet. If you find a property that is not featured on our website, simply send us the link and we will do the research for you and arrange a viewing if suitable.

As properties are often listed by several agents, many people waste viewing time by being taken to the same properties via different agents.

Your dedicated SPN property finder will prevent this from happening to you!

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