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What Is The Spanish Property Network?

The Spanish Property Network is a collaboration of property professionals in Spain.

We find the best property for you, by working with our carefully selected and professional property finders, across Spain and the islands.

Our Spanish Property Network members are the people who will work with you through every step of you property search and purchase. We are with you from the very start of your initial property search, until you are settled in your new property. We are the key to your success.

Whatever part of Spain you are considering, you will receive the invaluable assistance of our carefully selected SPN property finders who will assist you through every stage of a successful property search and purchase.

So who are we and where are we? Check out our about us page.

Here are just a few of our recent posts about Spanish property news …

The Spanish Property Market in 2016

What Time Is it?
We wrote last year about the perspectives for the Spanish Property Market in 2015  (And for once in life it seemed we got it just about spot on) and thought it was time to look back at what we said … Continue reading

So Much Trouble In The World (And How Spain Benefits)

When Are You Visiting Us?
If you spend your time looking at the media you would think that the World is getting more and more dangerous. The truth funnily enough is the opposite, the World has never been safer, but don’t let facts get in the … Continue reading

Location Independent Living in Spain

Life is Short. Live it Well
One of the main attractions of living in Spain is a quite enviable lifestyle. The sun shines generally, the people are affable and friendly, the food is fantastic and fresh and it is a relatively safe place to live compared … Continue reading

The 10 Strangest Things We Have Found In Spanish Property For Sale

Do Something your future self will thank you for
As property finders and agents we get to visit a lot of properties. Usually we vet the property of course and make suggestions as to how the seller can make them more attractive to the buyer. However sometimes you just … Continue reading

Our New Five Bullet Friday Spanish Property Newsletter

The Spanish Property Network
We have been remiss recently as so many people have signed up to our Spanish Property newsletter but we haven’t been sending any out. Therefore we are going to remedy this from Friday this week. We will be sending out … Continue reading

Property Investment Options in Spain

Working Together Through Crowdfunding
When prices have fallen so far as they have in Spain and they finally reach the bottom as many sources are now saying they have, then there are property investment options in Spain that you may not be aware of. Today … Continue reading

Valencia News About the Cabanyal and its Future

95000 Euros Valencia Beach Apartment
We are in a bit of a summer lull at the moment on the blog but that doesn’t mean we are resting, far from it, we are still working with clients around the country to help find them their ideal … Continue reading

Our Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts

Lots of people spend all of their free time on the computer or smartphone/tablet these days on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube (delete as appropriate) We are all over those platforms of course and I thought it would be a good time to introduce … Continue reading

Option Contracts On Spanish Property

Spain is waiting for you
When looking to buy a Spanish property there are many ways to structure the deal. You need to take into account price of course, but also the time period for final purchase, the amount of the deposit to be left … Continue reading

Buying Modernised Apartments In Spain

Larger Windows Give a Greater Airiness and Light to a Room
When you are buying a property in Spain there are many types to choose from. Today we are going to concentrate on apartments in Spain and more specifically the difference between an apartment “para reformar” and a fully modernised apartment. … Continue reading